Paroles de la chanson musique lyrics texte Fly to You Lyrics

Avalon - Fly to You Songtext Tell me someone, tell me
What is this love about
Help me someone, help me
Figure these feelings out
Strange the way You love me
Im high on the mystery
My heart is miles above me
Like Your love is setting me free

If I had wings Id fly
If I could find a way
Give me the faith Ill try
No, no matter what it takes
I long to be by Your side
To show You my heart is true
If I had wings, oh, I know I would, fly to You

Tell me, wont You tell me
What is it gonna take
Help me, cant You help me
Take my heart for heavens sake
I see the way You do me
In spite of the things Ive done
My heart is saying to me
Look at what Your love has begun

I wont give up
On what I believe
When I could not reach heaven
Heaven came to me

How I long to be there beside You
Gimme half a chance and I would try to
If I could, You know that I would
I would fly to You