Paroles de la chanson musique lyrics texte Murder 2 Lyrics

Mystikal - Murder 2 Songtext (Muthafuckin murderer)
Muthafuckin murderer
Murdered my sister
Come on dey tryin ta tell a bitch to
Take it ta dat nigga
Get dat muthafuckin wit a terrormizer
Make dat muthafucker feel what Chelle felt
Havin a 40 when she was well to bring them tears ta her eyes
Fuck the fusses and the fights
Whyd she have to die
Couldnt been able to pull evil away from me so god damn early
I tried ta tell her dat nigga was bad news but she aint heard me
Fact was dat she loved dis bitch
But she found love on da graveyard shift
And all these large muthafuckas quicklifters spliffs wit dem
Found my baby stiff
She aint deserve dat shit
Nigga you couldnt of
Nigga you wouldnt of
Put yo hand on a woman
Who happened ta be my sister
Cant say I wont miss her
But I wont forget ya
Get dat bitch for every time dat he hit ya
He gonna pay for what he did to ya

[Chorus: x3]


[Verse: -2]

What possesed a nigga to hurt 100% black queen so verbal
Nigga you lost your fuckin life when you took her bro
Took her from brothers and her baby mother from her
But if I happen to see you god yo ass gon burn like the summer
You dont give a fuck about a sister
A sister was yo victim
Fuck he said he did it
What the fuck you mean you cant convict him
Fuck it
Ill get him
Ill be da nigga ta deal wit him
And cut him and split him and reverse dat feelin
Commit multiple sinnins under my ceilin
The paper said dats racist to her tribute
Were they at the killin
But after havin first born ta make him my first blood
Nigga you took off from my fuckin close friends and first cuz
Whats the problem is my partna
She was cool wit him
His by the beat multiplied cuz
B she went to school wit him
But never the less rest my
Sweet sister
If Im about ta handle this buisness
Get that thing and kiss your picture
Get me farther he done pulled me in dat water
I got ta get dat bitch for what he did to my mama daughter
Never dreamed he be da one ta hurt her
She died in bloody murder

[Chorus: x4]

[Verse: -3]

And to the tick-tock of the wee hour
Shit started ta get sour
She was killed by that fuckin coward
How could nothin
Take so much and
No more wuzzupin
No more huggin
But his conscience knows the truth so he fucked up and
My memory is what was left
So to that I clutchin
She was takin out of your reach now you cant touch her
Unfortunatly also taken away from us so
We gotta suffer
Damn we down ta the last supper
Gotta hustle
Feelin my album shake the devil
Reconstruct this muthafucka
I never slowed down jus throwed down like I know how
But I do like she would have wanted me to do it
I still cant beleive I lost her in the worst way
She died wearin my very first T-shirt on my birthday
Now what the fuck Im sposed ta celebrate
For the celebratin bout ta gun his ass
But I got in my pad a little too late
Everybody got a role dey must play
No power wit da pray
But this muthafucka gotta pay
There be no frickin exscuse for what you done
Even ignored him when he started stealin from me
Cuz dem was crumbs
A rain drop to a river, huh
A sin to a christian
A holla to a whisper
She wuz the sole reason that I got along wit ya
But Ima never heal from the scars of what you did to my sister

[Chorus: til fade]