Paroles de la chanson musique lyrics texte Only 4 U Lyrics

B.G. - Only 4 U Songtext Wassup
Cmon I need a hot girl
Really ha I need a wifey
hahahahaha you know whats happening with me though
Cmon keep it real
Ima keep it real
You understand
You treat me right Ima treat you right
You dog me I dog you (Fo show)

Im from tha streets
Ive been hot all my life
So free bitches and hot girls is all I like
Gotta be raw and jazzy thats my type
And stand behind me if Im wrond or right
Drive at night
Fight my fight
Rock that pipe
I hit the road come back
Its nice and tight
I get ya what ya want
No matter the price
We get to sit on a Sunday in the Benz or the bike
Reppin and stuntin
Shinin and flossin
Just ballin
You got a problem with anything I solve it
you need me call me Geezy there
You could be anywhere girl Geezy there
Keep it real, I keep it real
To the bone I swear
Dont be stingy with that love
Come on and share
You gotta open up, you gotta care
Ima give ya this love and passion, I swear

Dont you worry bout a damn thing baby
Youe my man and Im gon be your lady
I know this biz itll drive ya crazy
But Ima give my love only to you
Ima be right by your side
Its do or die (Only to you)
I got ya back yeah
Baby thats a fact yeah
I I I Im only for you

Ill be always there for you
You know that my heart is true
So boy do what you gotta do
As long as you bring your love home to me
Cause you knoe I give you everything you need
Ummm yeah
You know you got my love
You know you got my trust
I know it is a must
And this is what I guarantee
Forever me and you baby
Your lady
Mmm, always with you
Only for you
Only for you
So dont you worry

It aint nothin in this world
I wont do for my sweetie
You get it whether you want it
Not jus when you need it
I treat ya how ya suppose to and wanna be treated
I aint talkin just to be talkin
I say it, I mean it
Im hot for you
You know how to please me, then please me
Dont tease me
Lets get off the heezy
Girl Im fiening
You got Lil B.Geezy
Tweeking to do ya something
Im overheating
Please believe me
I guarantee when Im through
You think you was dreamin when Im through
Ima leave ya something proper
Do ya something nasty
Ooh girl Ima do ya something nasty
You know how I roll
You know how I get down
you know how Im from Uptown
You know how I get down
Its the real on that side of the field
You be Bonnie
I be Clyde
Lets hustle and get a mill

[Chorus: - repeat 3X]