Paroles de la chanson musique lyrics texte Saviour Love Lyrics

Avalon - Saviour Love Songtext Confiscated from the darkness
And placed the palaces of light
You pursued the very part of me
I didnt want to scarifice

No, Youre the muse my heart is after
You have won the passion of my sould
No, I find its me thats chasing You
And I never want to let You go

Oh, Savious love
Lost without my Saviour love
Youll awalsy be the only One
Oh, my Saviour love

Im in love with Your mystery
And Your supernatual ways
Like when I overstep loves boundary
Only to fall into a bed of grace

Saviour love, I am spellbound
At the very mention of Your name
I was set free when You captured me
And Ill never ever be the same

How I need you
Help me make it
Oh, my Saviour love
Help me make it through